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Digital Transition

This year at #MHS we are transitioning to a more digital environment. In a few classes we are utilizing online or digital textbooks. In many classes, teachers are utilizing Google Classroom to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the delivery of content. Each student carries a Chromebook to class--and home--to access this digital content. We are also hoping that we are not just delivering digitally, but also giving freedom and power to create digitally, to collaborate digitally, and to discover digitally.

We are not attempting to go paperless, but we are trying to use less paper. We are not trying to remove the pen and notebook, but we are trying to add the pixel and screen. We don't desire to eliminate the connection created between teacher and student in a face to face environment within our own walls, but we do desire to have our students create greater connections to other educators and students outside of our walls.

In essence, technology at #MHS is a tool; it's not the …

ACT Scores

Faculty, Students, and Patrons,
We have just received the overall ACT results from the graduating class of 2015. We would like to congratulate them on a job well done. These are strong scores and we are very proud of their performance. The district Composite score is the highest in the past 5 years. Below is a table with the results as compared to the State averages. #Dragonpride

English Mathematics Reading Science Composite District      State 21.4             20.0 District      State 20.7             20.0 District      State 23.0             20.9 District      State 21.3             20.3 District      State 21.8             20.4

Heifer International Ranch

The #MHS Student Council and class officers are developing their leadership skills at the Heifer International Ranch. Lots of learning and lots of opportunities these two days. #Dragonpride

Dragon Football Press

Here is a recent clip about the Dragons.

Class Project

Class project in full swing.
Early morning band practice. 60 degrees. Love it!

Another ACT Achiever

We are so proud of our high achieving students at #MHS. For those who score a 27 or higher on the ACT, we place their name in the "27 Up Club" display in the front lobby. #Dragonpride

Wednesday at Work

We had a great day of learning today. The #MHS teachers worked hard, albeit in a relaxed environment, thinking through the implications of a High School that is going 1:1 with Chromebooks. We have such a good and strong staff. I am looking forward to seeing the learning at #MHS this year.

Arkansas Leadership Conference

We had five Mountainburg FFA students attend the Arkansas Leadership Conference this year at Camp Couchdale. This camp is an excellent opportunity for students to learn leadership skills and build confidence in their abilities. This was Mr. Hall's first opportunity to spend extended time with our FFA students. We are very glad he is with us this year.

District Wide PD Day

We would like to thank Miss Mountainburg 2015 for coming by to speak to our teachers on Monday. She, as well as several other MHS students, brought a positive note to our meetings.