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ACT Achiever

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Student Agency

I am officially back in the office for the first day since returning from the Google Apps for Education conference in Homer’s Glen, Illinois. It was a great conference that focused on student achievement and student engagement enhanced by technology, specifically Google Apps and other related apps and add ons. It was a great conference and I felt privileged to attend.
One idea that kept popping up throughout the conference was the idea of student agency. There were several definitions for student agency given at the conference, but here is my attempt at one: Student Agency is when we provide opportunity for students to think, question, and create into deeper problems and deeper learning, choosing a path driven by their passion. Just as adults have hobbies (hunting, fishing, woodworking, sewing, golfing, etc.) wherein they strive to get better and enjoy themselves, students should have the time and resources to pursue their passions in education. Corollaries to this idea pertain to stud…

Summer Fun/Summer Growth

So, I am halfway through the EdTech Team Illinois Summit and my mind is bursting with questions, thoughts, and hopes for Mountainburg High School. I see so many good practices in other schools, practices that could augment the great things happening at MHS.

Here are some things on my mind: How do we increase student engagement and ownership in Mountainburg High School? How do we help our students gain a greater vision of the world around them and the world within them? How can we incorporate more individual, student chosen learning options that are meaningful and productive? How can we create a culture that guides student thought and motivation? As we transition to a 1:1 environment, how do we stay focused on the most important “1” in the equation, which is the student? I love this quote: “Chance favors the connected mind.” How do we help students develop a connected mind, one that sees connections between disciplines, relationships, conversations, and themselves? Another great quote “Direct…