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End of Year Activities

Science goes outside with the end of the year.

A Principal’s Thoughts While Driving

A Principal’s Thoughts While Driving
            I spent all day with seven students. We left the parking lot at 5:45 this morning and arrived back in the same lot at 6:45 this evening. Thirteen hours of my day—almost seven of them driving a bus—were dedicated to only seven students. Those seven students learned leadership and life lessons at a day-long training at the Arkansas Outdoor School at the 4-H Center outside of Little Rock. It was a day well spent.
            Yesterday I also dedicated a whole day to only seven students, but this was not by design, and it certainly was no field trip. It was investigations and discipline and eventually ISD.
            The life of a principal consists in large part of managing a large group of people (many of whom do not want to be there), maintaining order and discipline, ensuring that school happens every day, every class period, from bell to bell. I often remark that if everybody behaved and if there were no problems, I really wouldn’t …

Class Officer Leadership

On a trip today with the 2013-2014 class officers. Leadership, outdoor skills, and survival training: it's been a great day.

M Awards

We held the annual M Award ceremony today. We are so very proud of the hard work of our top achievers and those who have improved throughout the year.

Value of Education

At Mountainburg High School, we consistently and constantly stress the value in education and the need to further it beyond high school, whether in college, trade school, structured apprenticeship, or in other ways. This article helps bolster our practice and further pushes us to continue it.

Election Season

It's that time of year. Get signed up to run for student council.


This was built from scratch and will be a beautiful kitchen table soon. Great work!

FFA Banquet--Live Entertainment

Ms. Johnson and Mr. Kain provided live entertainment for the banquet tonight. We are blessed to have these two on our faculty.

FFA Banquet

The 2014 FFA Banquet is underway. It is well attended this year, and the food is great. Proud of our FFA members and Ms. Tvrdik.

Woodmen of the World

The Woodmen of the World recently donated $1000 to the HS girls basketball team. We are so thankful for our supporters.

Trap Team

The trap team competed this past weekend at the regional shoot. They had a great time and did a good job.

Band Concert

Here is another clip, this time from the band. We are so proud of the band's growth this year. We really look forward to seeing where Mr. Kain leads us next year.

Choir Concert

Enjoy a small clip of the choir performance of May 4.

Spring Concert

Today is the Spring Band and Choir concert in the HS gym. Our kids have done a wonderful job this year.

Dance Show!

Today was our 2nd annual dance show. So proud of our students for a job well done.