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Ballet and Dance

We were very pleased to host an intensive ballet and dance seminar at Mountainburg this summer. We are very proud of the work our students. This was new for Mountainburg and we hope to be able to continue this in the future.

EOC Good News

We have just recently received the End of Course (EOC) scores for the High School. A big congratulations must go out to our students for their great performance. Our Algebra I students scored at 91% Proficient/Advanced. Our Geometry students scored at 79% Proficient/Advanced. And our Biology (a very tough test) students scored at the State average. We are so very proud of how our students did this year.

As we transition this year to the Common Core State Standards, and as we transition to the Next Generation Assessments with PARCC, we know that we are well-positioned to be successful under this new system. It will be a tough transition, and we will hit bumps along the way, but I know that we will continue a strong tradition of success.

We have wonderful teachers doing a wonderful job. Mountainburg, you have much in which to take pride.