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Signing Day!!

We are so proud of Tara. She signed today with Arkansas Tech. Way to go!

6th Grade GT Projects

6th grade GT projects are on display in the Dragons' Den. This one is full of HOPE!

Mountainstache 5K

The 1st Annual Mountainstache 5K and 1 mile fun run is tomorrow. Yupp, those are mustaches on the medals.

OEP Awards

Each year, the Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas creates a report titled the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards highlighting the highest-performing schools in Arkansas based on the Benchmark and End-of-Course exams. I am pleased to announce that Mountainburg High School won a “High-Achieving High Schools” OEP award. These awards are based on the OEP-created “school GPA,” calculated on the basis of the percentage of students that perform at a particular level on the Benchmark exam (advanced, proficient, basic, and below basic). Our area of recognition is for the EOC Algebra I exam. Way to go students! Way to go Mountainburg!

Red Ribbon Week

Yupp, I work with these ladies, and they're awesome. Twin day has struck at MHS.

Homecoming Hall Decorating Contest

The senior hall looked great, but juniors won out.

Spirit Week--Pink Day

The girl doesn't have a chance...

Spirit Week--Camo Day

Kinda scary!

Spirit Week--Pink Day


Spirit Week--Tacky Tourist Day


Homecoming Spirit Week--80's Day

Way to represent, cafeteria staff!

Homecoming Court 2013

Last Friday was homecoming. The court was presented Friday at the pep rally. Our 2013 homecoming queen, Auburn Peters, was crowned Friday night before the game.

Positive Referral

Faculty Focus October 21, 2013                 Positive Referral          Jason Rutherford

A great teacher makes it cool to care. –Todd Whitaker
            “Mr. Rutherford, I need to speak with you about a student on my bus. Remember how much trouble ________  ________ was last year? Well, she has been fabulous this year. I wanted you to know how well she has been doing.” My jaw dropped, then I smiled, and then I thought, “How good is that!” So I called the student to my office, acted as serious as I could, and then told her she got a positive referral and I told her why. Her jaw dropped, then she smiled, and then we said, “How good is that!” So I called her mom at work. “Ms. _________, I am sorry to interrupt you at work because I know how busy you are, but I wanted to speak to you about your daughter….” And then her jaw dropped, she smiled (I could hear both of those over the phone), then she said “Glory Hallelujah” or something like that.
As educators, we are trained to look for…

The Importance of the Why

Here is this week's Faculty Focus.

 Faculty Focus       The Importance of the WhyOctober 7, 2013 Jason Rutherford             I always feel a little guilty when I go to those inservice meetings where someone says, “I didn’t go into teaching for the money.” Here’s my problem: I did go into to teaching for the money. I did not set out from high school to be a teacher. I wanted to go into speech-language pathology, but I surrendered to the ministry shortly after high school, changing those plans. I needed to find a line of work that could support my preaching, a line of work that did not require weekends or summers. Teaching was it. So, I always feel a little guilty about that.             It didn’t take long, however, for my motives for teaching to change. I saw something more than a paycheck. I found something that gave meaning. Some teachers call their classrooms a mission field. Some teachers say that teaching is a calling for them. No matter how you view your classroom and you…

Faculty Focus

I began writing a weekly Faculty Focus letter to my faculty and staff this year. My desire is to inspire, encourage, and equip all of us to achieve our goal of student success. Below is my first.

 Faculty Focus   To the TopAugust 15, 2013

Senior Night

We were blessed tonight with a large turnout for our senior night. With a meal, admissions advice, financial advice, college reps, vocational school reps, military reps, and senior cap and gown ordering, many good things were accomplished tonight. Thank you to all who attended and participated.

HS English

Some really cool work is on display in our high school done by some of our English classes. We are pleased to have Ms. Fain with us this year.

MS Science

MS science students recently created 3D models of cell structures. Here is an example.

'Merica Night

It's 'Merica night at Dragon Field. Go Dragons!

Sage Advice

More sage advice from Ms. Cindy in the MS office. We are lucky to have her.

Book Talks with Royalty

The 6th grade library officially opened yesterday. We celebrated with punch, cookies, and special guests. This year's Mr. and Ms. Mountainburg shared book talks and enjoyed the opening along with the entire sixth grade. Each year we celebrate this time with the hopes to instill and grow a love for reading in all of our students.

Office Door

Ms. Cindy's words of wisdom for the day.

Pep Tally Time!


Morning Schedule

Every morning at MHS we have a routine at the beginning of the day. It is taped to the top of our intercom to keep me on track. State law now requires a minute of silence at the start of the day. Our students have responded beautifully to this. Also taped to the top of the intercom is the Pledge of Allegiance. My very first day of being principal 2 years ago, I forgot it in the middle of leading 200 students. So, my secretary made a copy and taped it where I could have a ready reference. I feel loved and taken care of!

MMS Friday Note

Dates to Remember
9-6-Jr. High Football vs. Cedarville here @ 7pm
9-6-Sr. High Football vs. Cedarville away @ 7pm
9-6-Grandparents Day- Invite your grandparents for lunch.$3.50 for guest tray.

Thank you to all who attened the Open House.

This is a reminder that all students entering into 7th grade this year are required by Arkansas law to have a TDAP shot if they have not had one in the last 5 years. Also, any 7th grader who doesn’t have a history of chicken pox must have either 1 or 2 varicella vaccinations, depending on age. The school must have proof that your child has received the required vaccinations no later than 30 days after the beginning of school. You may contact the Crawford County Health unit at 479-474-6391 if you have further questions. Thank you.
Students are reminded that you will have to return a completed Health History form in order to receive over the counter medications such as Ibuprophen, Tylenol, Tums, etc.

Math People!

I love math jokes. Fortunately I get this one. I don't understand most of them, but since I know Star Wars, I can understand it.

Scrimmage Game

Football season has begun!

Goal Setting

Decorating the hall outside Mr. Foster's classroom are the goals of his students. The 2013-2014 school year at MMS is off to a great start!

Upcoming Open House

Open house for the Middle School and the High School will be on Tuesday, August 13th. It will begin at 4:30 in the HS cafeteria. We will be serving hot dogs, drinks, and chips. We will have a few announcements, and then we will transition to the classrooms at 5:00. Teachers will be in their rooms until 6:30. We hope you will come out and visit our new teachers and your student's new teachers.

Can't Wait for Friday Nights!

Room Updates

Several of our rooms in the HS and MS received some updates. This is a picture of Ms. Sherwin's room at the high school. The new sheetrock, paint, and ceiling tiles really brighten up the room.

Schedule Pick Up Days

The following dates and times have been scheduled for MHS students to pick up their schedules:

Seniors--Tuesday, August 6th        9:00-12:00
Juniors--Wednesday, August 7th     9:00-12:00
Sophomores--Monday, August 12th  9:00-12:00
Freshmen--Wednesday, August 14th   1:00-3:00

We are looking forward to the return of all of our students. It is going to be a great year at MHS!

Band Room Color

Our band room got a little bit of color this summer. Mr. Kain is working hard to get ready for a new year with Mountainburg. I am really looking forward to seeing Mr. Kain's work with our band and choir.

Ballet and Dance

We were very pleased to host an intensive ballet and dance seminar at Mountainburg this summer. We are very proud of the work our students. This was new for Mountainburg and we hope to be able to continue this in the future.

EOC Good News

We have just recently received the End of Course (EOC) scores for the High School. A big congratulations must go out to our students for their great performance. Our Algebra I students scored at 91% Proficient/Advanced. Our Geometry students scored at 79% Proficient/Advanced. And our Biology (a very tough test) students scored at the State average. We are so very proud of how our students did this year.

As we transition this year to the Common Core State Standards, and as we transition to the Next Generation Assessments with PARCC, we know that we are well-positioned to be successful under this new system. It will be a tough transition, and we will hit bumps along the way, but I know that we will continue a strong tradition of success.

We have wonderful teachers doing a wonderful job. Mountainburg, you have much in which to take pride.

Working With the Best

I just had a fun conversation with our summer cleaning crew. We picked on Mr. Roper and Will, so you know these ladies have class. They are doing great work in our buildings this summer, and I know everything will look great when school starts back up in August. I appreciate all of their hard work. It is a privilege to work with them.

Parking Lot Glory

Our HS and MS parking lots all received a facelift this summer. They will be ready for use tomorrow and ready for all of our students August 19th.

Attendance Reward Trip

All of my students, 5th - 12th, who had two or fewer absences for the year, were treated to pizza at Mazzios today. We had a great time. I am proud of these students' great attendance.

2013 MHS Baccalaureate


FFA Banquet

Tonight was the annual FFA banquet. This evening's banquet was the best attended in many, many years. Our students did a great job tonight. Thank you to all of our alumni and sponsors who help make this possible.

7th Grade Engineering

MMS math students are working on a toothpick engineering/bridge project.

5th Grade Science Lab

I learned something today. Owl pellets are similar to cat hair balls. Our students dissected them today in a lab and were able to piece together skeletons of rats eaten by the owls. Pretty cool!

Sr. High Athletic Banquet

Tonight is our Sr. High Athletic Banquet. We are very proud of all of our athlete's accomplishments.

M Awards

Today we had our annual M Awards. With these we recognize academic achievement and growth in the classroom. I always enjoy this day when we celebrate what happens well in the classroom.

ACT Achievers

We had two more high scoring ACT Achievers. We are very proud of how well our students are doing. At this rate we will be buying a new achiever board soon. Good problem to have.

More ACT Achievers

We had two more high scoring ACT Achievers. We are very proud of how well our students are doing.


Mr. Lawson was given a small retirement gift by his students. I think the sash is quite attractive.

School Report Card

Each year school districts receive a report card from the Arkansas Department of Education. We have just received ours for the 2011-2012 school year. Please take a look, and if you have any questions concerning the middle school and high school, please feel free to email me or call me. 
Please click on the link below to access the report.

More ACT Achievement

Congratulations to another new member of the 27 Up Club. We are very proud of you, Will!

All-Star Athletes

As of right now, we have four seniors who will be participating in All-Star games this summer. Maddy Backus - West Team, All-Star Basketball Game, Thursday, June 20, UCA Stephen Stearman - All-Star Football Game, Saturday, July 13, UCA Nathan Jones - All-Star Football Game, Saturday, July 13, UCA Alexis Reed - All-Star Dance Team (will perform at the All-Star Football Game), July 13, UCA PROUD TO BE A DRAGON!!

Dance Show

Make plans to come!

US News and World Report Ranking

There are many ways to assess a school, but Ms. Kannett just shared with me the US News and World Reports' ranking of Arkansas High Schools. We were ranked 29th out of 319 high schools in Arkansas. There is much to celebrate in that report. Also, we were ranked 2237 out of over 21,000 high schools in the nation. Way to go! 

Click here to see the report.
US News and World Report Ranking

8th Grade Engineering

Spaghetti, tape, marshmallow, creativity...

Your Input Needed


High Point Seniors

These three seniors all achieved a 3.75 or higher high school GPA. This is quite an accomplishment.

Academic Banquet

This past Thursday we held our MHS Academic Banquet. We celebrate the success of our students and are very proud of their accomplishments.

27 Up Club

One more addition to our high ACT Achievers.

College Signing Day

Destiny, we are proud of you. Bacone College has gained a good ball player and a great person.

Benchmark Bootcamp Is Underway!

The 6th grade classes are in review mode for the upcoming Benchmark exams. They are starting each day this week with listening games. Our teachers do a great job not only teaching our students, but also getting them mentally prepared for the Benchmark.

Art Class Creations

Ms. Hubbard's HS art classes created book covers recently. Here is an example.

We Are Proud of You

In the March 18th edition of "Ozarks Farm" one of our own, Lillian Beasley, was featured. We are proud of you Lillian!