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MMS and the 7 Habits

Mountainburg Middle School has been experiencing Stephen Covey's 7 Habits in whole new ways. Both teacher created and student created posters and pictures are filling our hallways as we all learn about what it means to be a leader.

Homecoming Maids 2012

These 9 young ladies have been selected as our 2012 Dragon Homecoming Court:

Freshman Class - Allyson Gassaway, Sienna West
Sophomore Class - Carly Mann, Taylor Oakes
Junior Class - Katelyn Metcalf, Rachel Hensley
Senior Class - Madison Backus, Alexis Reed, Kelsey Nelson

Congratulations and good job to all who ran!

Homecoming will be Friday, October 5 against the Hector Wildcats. The week of Homecoming the high school student body will select our 2012 Dragon Homecoming Queen from the 3 senior maids.

Career Orientation

As a skill-building activity, Ms. Cater's 8th grade CO is highly engaged in doing a map-reading exercise. Projects such as these help connect our students into learning.

First Day in Art

Art classes are getting right to it with beginning line drawings. Students are hard at work expressing their creative side.

Way to Go Seniors 2012!

We just recieved the overall performance of last year's seniors on the ACT exam. We are very proud to announce that they scored 1.1 points higher than the State average. As well, this year was the highest district average for the past 5 years. Seniors 2012, we are proud of your accomplishments.

Awesome New Entryway

Students will be greeted back to MHS with an awesome new entryway greeting. Thanks Will and Mr. Copeland.

Football Is Almost Here!

> Can you hear the sounds of shoulder pads popping and our Dragon supporters shouting? We hope you are excited and getting ready. Our facilities received a minor facelift thanks to some volunteers, some students, some cheerleaders, and some alumni. Thanks to Katie Pense, class of 2011, for the "M".

Concession Stand Changes

The concession stand is getting a facelift. We think you will like it once it is all completed. Way to go cheer squad and volunteers.

New Mat for a New Year

School is almost here! We are excited about this upcoming year.