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What Do Our Students Really Need?

This post is a bit long, and might at first seem like a story about my sister, but it is about us—Mountainburg—our district, our students, our future. So please read, then respond to the link at the end.
Last week my sister found an apartment in Fort Smith. Better yet, my sister found an apartment with the help of Mom, Dad, her boyfriend, my wife, and me. All six of us loaded up illegally in my dad’s new truck and scoured the Van Buren/Fort Smith landscape for an affordable, safe, and pleasing apartment for her to live in as she starts her junior year at UAFS. We all had our role in this endeavor. My wife served as the guide to what was available and what was safe. Having lived in the area all her life, she knew that some places were not the best place for a single, beautiful 20-year-old female. My sister insisted on a place in Fort Smith that looked nice and had abundant amenities. My Dad insisted on something affordable (he is bankrolling the whole educational effort of my sister,…

Safety Day at the Park

The Mountainburg Police Department recently hosted a kid's safety day at the park. Many of our Middle School students attended. There were talks and bounce arounds and demonstrations and much more. It appears that a good time was had by all.

Summer FFA Trip

Several of our MHS FFA members just got back from the State FFA Convention. Everyone had a great time and came back on an FFA adrenaline rush.

Welcome Rain

The rain has livened things up at the Middle School. As I looked at these beautiful blooms in front of the Middle School the other day, I realized that this was the first time I had really noticed them. Could it be that without students I finally had time to stop and smell the blooms? Don't know, but they sure look pretty.