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Summer Principal

Being Principal in the Summer--lots of phone calls, lots of planning, lots of interviews, lots of cleaning, and then being told to go home a couple hours early on a 3 day weekend for all the hard work at the end of the school year. Nice.

Jason Rutherford, Principal
Mountainburg Middle School
Mountainburg High School

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Graduation 2012

Graduation went very smoothly this year. It was nice to have it at the football field for the first time in many years. Graduates, we are proud of you!

AYSSP Tournament

The MS trap shooting team shot at the regional tournament in Lonoke this past Friday. Our shooters did well and had a great time. Arkansas has the largest shooting sports program of its kind in the nation.

Dissection Day

Today was frog dissection day at MMS. The MS lab smelled great today!!

Teacher Appreciation

As part of teacher appreciation week, our students took turns in an assembly saying what they appreciate about teachers and staff. Charlie's appreciation of Ms. Sherwin rocked. Thank you, students.

Diggin' the New 'do

Mr. Foster is styling with the new shave. He received a hearty round of applause i

FFA Banquet 2012

Here are some pics from the 2012 FFA Banquet held on Friday, May 4. Our students did a great job producing a well-attended banquet. FFA, we are proud of you!

FFA Gardens

Our FFA gardens are looking great.

More Math and Science at MMS

Science and Math

In a combined science and math class, MMS students learn about the properties of propulsion systems, then convert measurements from one unit to another.

Senior Lunch

Thursday was our senior lunch at MHS. Let's see...shrimp, chicken strips, baked potato, awesome rolls, banana was a great lunch. Congratulations to all our seniors.

8th Grade Science Experiment

About 20 of our 7th and 8th graders will be heading to Waldron this Friday for a science fair. Looks like this will be a fun day.